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Only “Sorry” and “I Love You”

Parents has the great responsibility on cultivating the best in us. But in my true-to-life fairy tale, I stumbled upon on reminiscing all those things I don’t need anymore. I remember it vividly.

I am proud to say that this is my father!

How do you feel if your father tossed you bad words every time you make a sneaky move? It really hurts, right? I Don’t think the great and lovely father that I am expecting would be like that? It’s more painful rather than bumping us firm cloth hanger on our poor legs and armsor either, when he’s not around to pray when Noche Buena nearly approaching. Because that what I feel.

Parentship is not just about laying your rough palm on your kid’s with twenty or fifty pesos in between and eating together. It’s about the relationship growing between the both of you.

You know my readers-turned-fellows pals, even my sarcastic father was like that, the big love still remain—more rather than grudge, because it doesn’t take the fact that he’s my father—like what my lovely mother told me.

When that tremendous, scary instant occurs usually, I feel little good-for-nothing even. But I more bacome elusive because you’re there—my dog, friends, my dearest readers, and of course God.

I already forgive him, but I think, the relationship between us that we had now, might be better if he’ll approach me and say “sorry” and “I love you“—that I think it’s next to impossible—loudly. Because I don’t want

this great smile (when I was a child) to fade and grudge repel it, because there is a great worry in my heart.

The huge issue will become little if love and forgiveness enters. And bear to your mind, remember the difference between who you are and who you need to be. Stay positive! Life will always have its ups and downs, but what important is be thankful to the big and small blessings y0u receive. Forget about the past, live the new you and let yourself shine through!

Anyway, early in the afternoon, I just got received a great news for the die-hard fans of Mario Maurer. Reportedly, Kim Chiu is the leading lade of Mario withhis ovie project here in the Pilipinas. Confimed! After throwing those wild guesses, we already know that it’s Kim Chiu. It’s not Maja Salvador, it’s not Erich Gonzales anymore!

The much-awaited movie was titled as “Sadness In Love” (the trailer is down there!).

It’s not already cofirmed when Thai heartthrob will set his feet here in the Pinas. But don’t be hopeless. Just wait for him to come! ;)

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