‘The Woman in Black’ on February 2012!

Daniel Radcliffe turns back into the theaters but not as with his scar on his forehead but with a poleax to defeat a malevolent ghost in a small British town!


‘White Frog,’ Starring Boo Boo Stewart and Harry Shum Jr.

“White Frog,” an indie film that discusses a teen with Asperger’s, who has to cope when his family is suddenly struck by tragedy. Pretending to be the perfect family no longer seems quite as easy. Check out the trailer and more!

Snow White and the Hunts Man ADR

‘Snow White and the Hunstman’ is so Ironic!

The producers of Alice in Wonderland and The Sixth Sense and the heart-of-the-state director Rupert Sanders joined forces for the action-adventure new version of Snow White and the Huntsman!


Currently Snacking On: ‘Teen Wolf’

“Teen Wolf” nakedly talks about the usual teen life, passion and lust, love, trust, and fangs.


‘I am Number Four’: The Movie I am Looking for

From its wisecracking effects into its robust cast, ‘I am Number Four,’ a sci-fi motion picture starring Alex Pettyfer, Glee’s Diana Agron, Flipped main character Callan McAullife and Teresa Palmer, is one best flicks I’ve got recognized!


ADR’s Another Obsession: ‘Heartstrings’

It was just a brilliant masterpiece again from world’s origin of great drama and solemn music. I was just pimping and chaotically watching it with my sisters this afternoon. Uproarious and trill emotions might bring this Koreanovela the time you started watching it!